Pictus catfish- about 6 inches long, neat little fish looks nice in a semi aggressive community- 10$

Gold Severum- about 7 inches long- awesome red coloring on belly and anal fin very cool, big but peaceful- 30$

Polleni Cichlid- about 6 inches long- alternates between black and tan coloring, very nice speckling- 40$

Sun Cat- about 8 inches- really cool fish, nocturnal, only seen it eat once and it just sucks anything thats floating around at the surface into its mouth, kind
of like a whale, its a cool fish, doesnt give any other fish a problem, even smaller ones like my 2 inch firemouth- 40$

Red Oscar- about 10 to 11 inches long- rarely eats goldfish (hard to believe i know) but very peaceful and compatible-eats shrimp- very healthy- 35$

Gold Datnoid- about 8 to 9 inches long- eats goldfish, very cool fish, mostly nocturnal, but is somewhat visible in the day- 95$

*Some prices are negotiable*

I have more pictures as well

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