Meet Ray, my 3-ish year old Pleco that was rescued from a failed cichlid tank about 2 years ago in Guelph, Ontario; he was quite sick and was already blinded, though I cannot say for sure how. I found him going to a house party where I noted a few people poking at the tank trying to see if he was alive; it turns out he was but the filter hadn't been operating for 2 months and, apparently, he hadn't been fed for that long either.

Since his acquisition, he has been a staple of my 30 gal tank but, as it goes, he's monstrous; far too big for my mini-tank.

About the fish:
He's big and blind, but being blind doesn't really seem to affect his ability to do anything, and actually results in him randomly swimming around much like my other fish do (before, of course, he became so large he can't navigate easily). As well, I call it a "him" because I have no idea of gender, and he's a poor communicator being as how he has no vocal chords ;).

The ideal "purchaser" would be a person who could pickup locally (near-ish to either Hamilton, Ontario or Windsor, Ontario) and who could provide this little guy with a tank / pond suitable for his size (i've heard he should get to around 18" but these's no chance i'd let that happen in this tank). I am not going to "evaluate" your tank, but i'd like to hand him off to someone who, ideally, has a larger established tank, or even better, a pond with trainloads of algae that needs to be controlled.