a.Made of the polyurethane foam,durable,non-toxic,no element leak out,no influence on the PH level of the water.
b.All the paints of the boards are made of the environment friendly materials.No dissolve in the water,safe for the fish.No danger to chew and swallow a little of the fish.
c.Perfect third dimension and imitating the nature living environment for the fish,providing best looking effect.
d.More concave places for the fish to hide out,reduce the conflict between fish.
e.Both same items can combine by the same waving borders,to build up the continuum background.
f.Easily cut by the knife and stick on the glass of tank by silicon glue.Have the features as easy set up and take off,etc.
g.Not only can decorate the aquariums and terrariums,also can decorate the wall of your home and your garden.