Getting divorced and need to reduce tanks/puffers. I have a 29 gal with an arrowhead puffer, 20 gal long with a fangs puffer, 29 gal with 3 red eye puffers and a 20 gal long with a modestus puffer.
All puffers are healthy eaters, the price includes puffer, tank and all accessories, including decor.
All are freshwater and these tanks are the size they should be fine in at full grown. Arrowhead may be full grown, haven't seen much growth since I got him. Same with modestus, although both are reported to get larger. Red eyes are about 3/4 full size and fangs is still young and growing.
Wrought iron stand will be included if you purchase either of the 29 with a 20 gal long as that is what these stands will hold. The only tank I can sell without the puffer would be a 20gal long from the modestus as he will be okay with other fish. The rest of the puffers need to be alone as they will kill others.
I live in Streetsboro, Ohio and am more than willing to help with transport to see to it that these guys get a good home.