I have a lot of petrified wood and Jasper from Texas that I've personally collected. I've sold a good amount to friends near me to put in their aquariums, but I thought I'd open this up to everyone because it seems that aquarium specified petrified wood isn't easy to get ahold of--at least at a decent price. Raw Jasper I couldn't find on the internet for sale at all.

Basically, send me a message letting me know what sizes and how many pieces of petrified wood you're looking for any additional criteria. I'll send you pictures of the pieces that fit your specifications and then you select the ones you want, and we'll work out a price. I charge between $2 and $5 per pound flat rate shipping.

On the Jasper, I can send you a picture of the whole lot if you are interested and you can buy a few pieces or the whole lot. I charge $0.50-$5 per piece depending on size and quality.