Garage Sale. I have tucked away lotsitems in Garage and Attic. I would like to sell to Fish nuts like myself in order to create spaces in my garage. these items are new, still in original box. PM Sorry! Local P/u only. Will Test or Demo on how to set up the Equipment if desired. The followings are the items I pulled out so far. Still have air pumps and Heater, others. PM if interested or looking for specific items. Thanx

TetraTec PF500: $40
Emperor 280: $35
Whisper 40: $20
Rena Filstar 3: $ 100
Rena Filstar 2: $80
Rena Filstar 1: $60
Millennium 1000: $10
Millennium 2000: $15
Millennium 3000: $30