We sell zeolite( granular form and zeolite rocks)-an amazing product that is used in fish aquariums and ponds, keeps the water crystal clear and eliminates ammonia:

100% natural

Safe for fish, plants & people

Possesses the highest Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) and has a significantly higher overall contaminant capture.

Removes nitrogen, certain organic hydrocarbons, and toxic cations such as silver, mercury, nickel, chrome, cobalt, antimony, arsenic, etc.

Non-clouding in water due to very low clay content.

Removes ammonia and chloramine formations

50% lighter than sand but filters 10 times better than sand- 3 microns versus 30-40 microns


$3.00/lb Free Shipping within US

More info here http://www.zeostore.com/aquariumandfish.html