Arabian Picasso Triggerfish
Arabian Picasso Triggerfish

Arabian Picasso Triggerfish

Rhinecanthus assasi

Arabian Picasso Triggerfish

Common name: Arabian Picasso Triggerfish
Scientific name: Rhinecanthus assasi
Max size: 10 in / 30 cm
pH: 8.1-8.4
Salinity: 1.020-1.025
Temperature: 72-78ºF (22-26°C)

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish is a hardy and somewhat aggressive marine fish species that can be recommend to beginners with aquariums large enough to house them.

The body of the Arabian Picasso triggerfish is white on the lower half and gray on the upper half. There are three black and white stripes on the tailfin peduncle. The mouth and dorsal fin is lemon yellow. The eyes are red and surrounded by a black field white blue stripe on it. From that black field, a black stripe runs down to the pectoral fins and from there forward to meet up with the stripe from the other side of the fish just over the mouth.

This species is just like most other species extremely hardy which is why the Arabian Picasso triggerfish can be recommend to beginners. The size does however make it less suitable for beginners as it requires a large tank and many beginners do not want to make the investment required to setup a large marine aquarium before they know if they like keeping marine fish or not. Another problem is that this species can be somewhat hard to get a hold of.

Only keep one Arabian Picasso triggerfish in the same aquarium unless the tank is very large as they are very aggressive towards other specimens of the same species. They can also be aggressive toward other similarly sized fish and are best kept with other larger aggressive fish species.

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish is not reef safe and should not be kept in reef aquariums. They will eat anything and everything that is small enough to be eaten. They can damage corals and flip them over when they explore their surroundings.

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish originates from the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. It is not found anywhere else.

Arabian Picasso Triggerfish care and aquarium setup:

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish is a relatively large species and will need a large aquarium. They should not be kept in aquariums smaller than 50 gallon / 200 liter and an aquarium twice that size is to be preferred.

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish prefers an aquarium with plenty of things to explore. Decorate the aquarium with a lot of caves and overhangs. It is important to provide it with at least one suitable cave for it to sleep in. Arabian Picasso triggerfish often gets very hands-on when they are out exploring and it is important that rocks and other decorations are fixed in their position so that the triggerfish can't push them over or tear down rock formations.

This species is best kept in "fish only" and "FOWLR" aquariums. Not suitable for reef aquariums.

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish prefers a well lit and well circulated aquarium. Good filtration is important. Try to keep water quality high and water parameters stable.

Ideal conditions for the Arabian Picasso triggerfish is pH 8.1-8.4, salinity 1.020-1.025, and temperature 72-78ºF (22-26°C).

Feeding Arabian Picasso Triggerfish

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish will eat just about anything in the aquarium and eats just about anything in the wild as well. They should be feed a varied diet containing a lot of meaty food such as chopped up sea food. They appreciate some vegetables in their diet as well. Feed 1-2 times a day.

Breeding Arabian Picasso Triggerfish

The Arabian Picasso triggerfish has as far as we know not been bred in aquariums. In the wild the male protects a territory with several females in it. Each female has its own territory within the male's territory. The female digs a pit in the bottom where she spawns. To succeed at breeding this triggerfish you likely need an aquarium that is large enough for this behavior to take place.

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