Rabbit facts
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Rabbit facts

Rabbit facts # 1
Rabbits have been used as therapy animals since the 1970s.

Rabbit facts # 2
Earlier, the word rabbit was used for youngsters only and the adult animal was instead referred to as coney or cony, pronounced [kʌ.ni] (rhymes with "money"). During the 1800s, coney became a vulgarism by analogy to the word cunt. This caused more and more people to start using the word rabbit regardless of the age of the animal, and those who stuck to the word coney / cony began pronouncing it [koʊ.ni] (rhymes with "phoney") to avoid misunderstandings.

Rabbit facts # 3
Calicivirus and the virus responsible for myxomatosis and are used to control feral populations of rabbit in Australia, where rabbits thrive and cause a lot of problems for farmers and the local ecosystems. If you have had your rabbit vaccinated against these viruses, it is even more important than normally not to give it any chance to escape if you live in an area where rabbits aren’t a part of the native ecosystems. The vaccine consists of a genetically modified virus and if this virus somehow makes its way into feral populations it can result in a new uncontrolled population boom.   

Rabbit facts # 4
Rabbits are often affectionately referred to as bunnies (sing. bunny) and bunny rabbits.  

Rabbit facts # 5
The female rabbit has two functional uterine horns and it is possible for one horn to be fertilized on a first mating and the second to be fertilized on a second mating. Letting the female spend time with an unneutered male while pregnant is therefore not recommended. Carrying two litters at once is burdensome for her and hormonal imbalance is common. The babies resulting from such pregnancies are usually severally deformed (both litters) and birth complications leading to the death of the female is non unusual.

Rabbit facts # 6
Rabbits can not vomit, even if they’ve accidently ingested something detrimental.

Rabbit facts # 7
Rabbits should not be declawed since they need their claws to stay balanced.

Rabbit facts # 8
Rabbits are often used as a symbol of fertility, rebirth and playful sexuality and are strongly associated with spring in temperate parts of the world. In Aztec mythology, Centzon Totochtin, a pantheon of four hundred rabbit gods represented fertility, parties and drunkenness. Today, we have the Playboy Bunny.

Rabbit facts # 9
Female rabbits are called does, while males are known as bucks. When rabbit breeders refer to the parents of a rabbit, the mother is called “the dam”, and the father is called “the sire”. When the female gives birth, it is called kindling. As explained above, rabbit was earlier a term used for youngsters only but since the word now has come to include adult specimens as well the word kit is today commonly used to designate youngsters. The collective noun for a bunch of kits is kindle or litter.

Rabbit facts # 10
Domestic rabbits normally shed once every three months.


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