Komodo Dragon Facts

Komodo Dragon Facts

komodod dragon

Komodo dragon fact #1

The Komodo dragon is the largest living lizard in the world. It can become at least 10 feet (3 meters) long and weigh up to 300 pounds (160 kg). Although its size, an interesting Komodo dragon fact is that it can run as fast as 13 mph (20 km/h), almost as fast as a dog. It can also swim between the islands it inhabits without any problems.

Komodo dragon fact #2

A Komodo dragon fact is that although it might look just like a dinosaur, it isn’t really that closely related. Other reptiles such as crocodiles and alligators are in fact much closer.

Komodo dragon fact #3

The Komodo dragon lives only on a few islands in Indonesia. The area is known for volcanic activity and the islands themselves were created by volcanoes. In the dry and arid climate the Komodo dragon usually digs burrows for a home or just hangs out in grassy and bushy terrain. As it has turned out, the Komodo dragon habitat is easily simulated and this will ultimately save it from extinction and make it possible to see live Komodo dragons at your local zoo, how’s that for a Komodo dragon fact?

Komodo dragon fact #4

Although the Komodo dragon usually is mistaken for a scavenger, a Komodo dragon fact is that it’s also a predator, attacking and eating wild pigs, goats and even water buffaloes. Another Komodo dragon fact is that it is a cannibal, eating smaller and younger Komodo dragons.

Komodo dragon fact #5

Although a bite from a Komodo dragon usually is lethal, it is not venomous. A Komodo dragon fact is that its mouth and saliva is full of nasty bacteria which infects the bite wound and ends up in the blood stream. For humans there are treatments but most animals will die within a week due to blood poisoning, also known as septic*.

Komodo dragon facts #6

Another Komodo dragon fact is that they spend their first time in life in the trees so not to fall prey to predators or other Komodo dragons. A Komodo dragon fact is that the female lays eggs in hollow trees or in the burrows, as soon as the baby-Komodo dragon hatches it takes its refuge in the branches.

Komodo dragon fact #7

A tourist Komodo dragon fact is DO NOT FEED. Because some tourists and island employees has began throwing out garbage or leaving food behind, Komodo dragons has become used to served food instead of finding some on its own. With a small population like only 6.000, the Komodo dragon need not to be accustomed to a lazy life not suited for their specific needs. That is a very important Komodo dragon fact.

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