Whites tree frog

Whites tree frog

Whites Tree Frog is also referred to as Australian Tree Frog, Dumpy Tree Frog and White's Tree Frog. Its scientific name is Litoria caerulea.  It is a docile creature that is quite easy to keep in captivity, and has therefore become a popular pet throughout the world. The Whites Tree Frog is resilient towards disease and can become very used to humans. Even wild Whites Tree Frogs frequently decide to move into houses and feed from insects trapped in windows, drink water from a dropping faucet etcetera. Below you will find list of helpful suggestions for prospective Whites tree frog keepers.

Whites tree frog – life span
When you get a Whites tree frog , you should be prepared to care for it for many years to come. Whites tree frogs are known to live up to 20 years, and exceeding 15 years of age is not at all uncommon for captive specimens. In the wild, these frogs usually die younger since they are caught by predators.

Whites tree frog – container
Male Whites tree frogs average around 4 inches in length, while females can exceed 5 inches. A 25 gallon container should be considered a minimum for an adult pair of Whites tree frogs, but bigger is always better. An arboreal enclosure is advisable, since Whites tree frogs have natural instinct to climb trees and stay in the upper parts of their habitat.

Whites tree frog – set up
Try to resemble the natural environment of your frogs when you decorate their home. Plenty of plants and branches will be appreciated by the Whites Tree Frog, and hollow logs will function as hiding spots that reduces stress. Peat moss, potting soils or similar is a good substrate. Gravel, small pieces of bark etcetera should be avoided since the Whites Tree Frog might eat it and become ill.  

Whites tree frog – temperature
Whites Tree Frog is native to warm habitats and will do best when the day temperature stays around 86° F (30° C). During the night, the temperature can be decreased down to the 68° - 75° F (20° - 24° C) range.

Whites tree frog – humidity
Whites Tree Frog is a semi-tropical creature that prefers a moderate level of humidity. Dry air is not healthy for the frog, so misting is definitely recommended. Ideally mist your frogs several times a day and constantly keep a big dish of water in their home to increase the humidity further. The dish should have a dept of roughly 4 inches (1 decimetre)

Whites tree frog –  feeding
Whites Tree Frog eats insects in the wild and will accept virtually any type of insect as food. You can for instance give your Whites Tree Frog crickets, moths, beetles, locusts and cockroaches. A varied diet is important to prevent malnutrition. Dusting insects with calcium and vitamin powder three times a week is also recommended.

Even though it is entertaining to watch your Whites Tree Frog eat, you should never give the frog more than what it can eat in a few minutes. Obesity is quite common among captive Whites Tree Frogs, since they live in small containers and do not have to travel and hunt like they would in the wild.


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