Green tree frog

Green tree frog

The term Green tree frog is used for several different frog species, including the American green tree frog (Hyla cinerea) and the Australian green tree frog (Litoria caerulea).

American Green Tree Frog
The American green tree frog is native to the North American continent and is a popular pet frog in many different parts of the world. The scientific name for this species is Hyla cinerea. It belongs to the genus Hyla in the family Hylidae. It is closely related to species such as the California tree frog, the Japanese tree frog and Pacific tree frog.

American Green Tree Frog range
The American green tree frog lives in the southern parts of the United States, and occasional specimens have been found in north-eastern Mexico. In the United States, you can find wild American green tree frogs in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Illinois.   
American Green Tree Frog habitat
The American green tree frog habitat will include some form of freshwater body. This body of water can for instance be a large lake or major floodplain, but it can just as well be a farm pond, a cattail marsh or a bald cypress swamp. A lot of American homeowners can enjoy American green tree frogs in their gardens, since porch light attracts nocturnal insects which in turn attract the green tree frogs.

Australian Green Tree Frog
The Australian green tree frog is known by several different names, including White's Tree Frog and Dumpy Tree Frog. In Australia, it is often referred to simply as Green Tree Frog. Its scientific name is Litoria caerulea. It belongs to the genus Litoria in the family Hylidae. Members of the genus Litoria can be recognized on their horizontal irises and on how their eye lids lack pigmentation.

Australian Green Tree Frog range
The Australian Green Tree Frog is native to Australia and New Guinea. Today, you can also find introduced populations in New Zeeland and the United States. In Australia, the Australian Green Tree Frog range chiefly encompasses the northern and eastern parts of the country. In Victoria, Australian Green Tree Frogs can live in the northern parts of the state, but no in the southern parts since the winters are too cold in the south. In New Guinea, you will find Australian Green Tree Frogs in the southern regions where the climate is dry; from Irian Jaya to Port Moresby. Daru Island is especially famous for its large Australian green tree frog population.

Australian Green Tree Frog habitat

Australian green tree frogs inhabit several different types of habitat. A majority of the frogs live in trees that grow close to a body of still freshwater, such as a lake. The can however also inhabit treeless swampy areas by hiding among the reeds instead of living in a tree. In colder regions, you sometimes find these green tree frogs in grasslands. The Australian green tree


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